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Install WHMCS On A VPS

For individuals looking to start up their own web hosting business, consulting company, programming company, etc. you absolutely need a billing system to make your life so much easier. I want to show you how to install WHMCS on a vps and even check out some alternatives near the end of the article. WHMCS is […]

Best Cheap VPS Services Guide 2015


Our VPS Hosting Comparison, Discover & Choose!

When looking for VPS Hosting for your web hosting needs you will notice that you will have many choices and options of how much Ram, Bandwidth, and other resources to use. As it stands the more ram and bandwidth you need, or want, the more money you will have to pay every month. However having […]

Securing Your VPS Part 1

The first step in securing your vps with us would be to change your root password to something more secure. I see people all the time using passwords like ‘abc123’. Those types of passwords just aren’t going to cut it because there are people that scan all ip ranges and initiate a dictionary attack for […]


Over the past few days I’ve been optimizing the server that this site and many others that I own reside on. Today I got to the question; Should I use php-cgi or php-fpm with my nginx web server? ¬†Just so that you have an idea of what I’m running on – I’m using the¬†Intel(R) Atom(TM) […]

How to Setup VNC and a Desktop on Ubuntu

Well I noticed we didn’t have a tutorial for setting up a desktop GUI and connecting to your VPS via VNC tutorial for Ubuntu but we had one for CentOS. This tutorial will be for Ubuntu. First you need to login to your vps over ssh (if you don’t know how please check out our […]


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