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How to Setup VNC and a Desktop on Ubuntu

Well I noticed we didn't have a tutorial for setting up a desktop GUI and connecting to your VPS via VNC tutorial for Ubuntu but we had one for CentOS. This tutorial will be for Ubuntu. First you need to login to your vps over ssh (if you don't know how please check out our tutorial on this...  http://www.bitaccel.com/blog/how-to-connect-to-your-new-vps/ )and run the following command - ​sudo apt-get install gnome-core​ You should now have a GUI running but you will not see it yet. You are still logged in to ssh via putty. In any Linux distro you have to connect to the desktop with a VNC client but first you must have a vnc server. Install the vnc server on your vps by running this command - sudo apt-get install vnc4server Now that your vnc server is installed we need to configure it. Run the following command to start  your server and it will ask you for a password the first run vncserver​ Now for the last step - on your local box install your favorite vnc client such as http://www.tightvnc.com/and put in your ip followed by :1 (port  1) it will look like this We have to add port 1 because this is the desktop we will be viewing. The desktop number 1. You will be asked for your username and password  information for the vnc server you just created when you click connect. You should now see your remote desktop on your vps! Please let me know if I left anything out or if you have any troubles with this tutorial.


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