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Install WHMCS On A VPS

For individuals looking to start up their own web hosting business, consulting company, programming company, etc. you absolutely need a billing system to make your life so much easier. I want to show you how to install WHMCS on a vps and even check out some alternatives near the end of the article. WHMCS is one of the most popular billing systems on the Internet. Not only does it do billing, invoicing, and processing orders but it also does support and can integrate into cPanel or other web applications with supported WHMCS modules such as SolusVM. Unfortunately, the cost of the WHMCS license turns a lot of folks away. The license, directly from WHMCS, is $18.95 per month. They stopped allowing people to resell WHMCS licenses a while back so you can't get it any cheaper than this.

For almost all the billing systems, including WHMCS, all you need is a 512mb minimum RAM VPS. This can depend on if you are starting up a new billing system or have an established one. I would get probably at least 2 CPU cores as you are going to be running MySQL or MariaDB, PHP, and a web server such as Apache. Let's get started with the following commands for how to install whmcs on a vps.

How to Install WHMCS

  • After you purchase a license directly from WHMCS you are provided with the source files in a zip archive to setup WHMCS on your VPS server, dedicated server, or shared web hosting server.
  • Get a web server running such as Apache2 with PHP and configure your DNS records to point to your VPS ip address. yum install apache2 php php-cli
  • Install mysql or mariadb. I would suggest mariadb. It is a third party 100% compliant MySQL replacement that is more resource consumption friendly, fully mysql compatible, and is much faster. Execute yum install mysql mysql-server if you are unsure how to install mariadb.
  • Put the WHMCS files that are in the zip into /var/www/ or the respective folder you have created to be the root of your website.
  • Run the following code to set permissions chmod 777 configuration.php and open up the directory in your web browser where the WHMCS source files are on your web server. You should be able to just enter your IP address or domain name into the browser.
  • Now a WHMCS installer will appear and help walk you through how to install whmcs on a vps. You need a SQL database name, a username and password that has the appropriate permissions to that database, and a valid license key for this installer. Afterwards, everything is done and your WHMCS is up and running. Were you expecting a longer installation process? It was easy to install whmcs on a vps!

WHMCS vs Other Billing Systems

If you want to check out some other billing systems I would have a read on our article about BoxBilling vs WHMCS as it goes in more depth about this alternative billing system. BoxBilling is an easy to use and lightweight billing system that is free or nearly free if you get the pro version 🙂 Check out some other comparisons with billing systems below -

WHMCS vs NeoBill

For those looking for a free, open source billing system NeoBill is another PHP/MySQL powered billing system. On the NeoBill homepage, they offer a live NeoBill demo so you can look at the NeoBill web application before you install it on your own server.

It's basic but I've been on WHMCS for so long, that NeoBill looks like it lacks features for me but if you just need a minimal billing system I believe NeoBill would be a good choice for you. Plus, since it's PHP powered, you can easily modify the page that is displayed to the visitor. The project looks like they might have stopped development a while ago, so be wary if you decide to use this as there could be lots of

WHMCS vs Blesta

Blesta looks like the new contender out there for WHMCS. First of all we don't have to pay $18.95/mo so it's already appealing with that aspect. They do offer a free trial and integrate with almost every popular payment processor and control panel. You can take a look at the features here http://www.blesta.com/features/ and the demo here http://www.blesta.com/demo/ They are also offering a 30% off refuge discount after the recent WHMCS owned license price hike. Check them out and let us know what you think!


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