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Our VPS Hosting Comparison, Discover & Choose!

When looking for VPS Hosting for your web hosting needs you will notice that you will have many choices and options of how much Ram, Bandwidth, and other resources to use. As it stands the more ram and bandwidth you need, or want, the more money you will have to pay every month. However having the option to choose is nice but, how much will you need? You don’t want to have to keep upgrading every month you just want to get it right from the every start when looking for the cheapest vps hosting. Continue reading our vps hosting comparison to learn more.

The Best Way to Determine What You Will Need!

There are many factors that can help you to determine what resources you will need for your site when doing a vps hosting comparison. We found it makes it easier to help you determine which option is best for you. There are several things you can run on your server and unfortunately we can't touch on them all. The first and most obvious is to look at your site traffic if you are running a website. You will want to have a good idea of how many visitors the site gets a month. This is very easy to do if you have a Google Analytics account set up for the site. Analytics can tell you about how many visitors come to your site every month. You might also want to know how big the load is on your site. Keep in mind the more pages and content you have the more space you will need. Secondly if you aren't running a website you will want to take a look at the resources used more closely. If you are already using VPS Hosting and are looking to switch providers it’s easy to see what you are already using for a vps hosting comparison. You will want to go to your server and run the commands (df –h), (free –m), and (top). Running these commands will tell you how much disk space, ram, and cpu you have used in the past from your provider. If you don't already have a vps, run your program on a local computer or another server you might have and check the CPU usage, disk space usage, and ram usage there. Once you have all of these things recorded you will be able to chose a vps package that has limits exceeding your needs. If you are still unsure of what you need, check out our easy vps hosting comparison list below to find and choose the perfect package for you!

Break Down Our VPS Hosting Comparison

Here at BitAccel we have 6 options to help you determine how much ram, cpu, bandwidth, and disk space is right for you.
  1. VPS 1 - Several small traffic websites, open vpn server, other small programs.
  2. VPS 2 - Medium traffic websites, Medium use minecraft servers, small sql server, some medium sized programs.
  3. VPS 3 - Once you increase traffic to your websites or game servers you might want to upgrade to a vps 3.
  4. VPS 4 - Information scrapers, high traffic websites, small to medium load sql servers.
  5. VPS 5 - Any and all combinations of the above.
  6. VPS 6 - You'll know if you need this one.
If you are still having trouble with our vps hosting comparison you can leave a comment below so we can clear things up for you, or you can contact us directly and we will help with any questions. If you know exactly what you need, feel free to Order VPS Hosting now!


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