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How to point your Domain Name to your VPS

Hello, DNS is an abbreviation for Domain Name System, a system developed to keep track of which Domain Name ( Website ) is available on which IP Address. An IP Address is an unique set of numbers given for every machine or device on the Internet. So every VPS you buy from us has an unique […]

BitAccel Newsletter Issue #1

Well to start things off, our Zurich Switzerland preorder was not a success. Our target goal was 30 orders in one month for that location and we only reached 8 orders. I’m not sure why we didn’t reach our goal because it seemed like some people got excited over the location. I figure they were […]

How To Install Cpanel

In this article we will show how to install Cpanel on a Bitaccel VPS, the most widely used control panel for web hosting. If your an end user or a hosting provider, we are sure you would have come across Cpanel at some point of time.   Applies to : –    Cpanel / WHM Version: […]

How to Connect to Your New VPS

If you are coming from a shared hosting environment or new to VPS hosting, you might not know how to connect to a VPS. This article will give you some simple steps to follow and login into your VPS. You need to login into your VPS to take advantage of the powerful features of a VPS, […]

Securing Your VPS

Securing your new Bitaccel VPS is very essential to protect your data, prevent brute-force login attempts etc. The steps given are simple enough to follow and will secure your VPS to a certain extent. These steps were tested on a Debian based Linux VPS. For other flavors of Linux, please check the appropriate Manual, but […]

BitAccel Launches Los Angeles VPS Location

Due to popular request we have launched our los angeles location for our vps products. From what I can gather it has better latency and network paths for overseas customers especially in Asia. We chose the Quadranet datacenter for this location from our prior experience and research with them being A+. We added a new drop […]

Setup VNC on CentOS6

By request of a customer, and on good merit, I was asked to write up an article on how to setup VNC on CentOS from your vps or dedicated server. There are multiple different ways you can do this but we will be using gnome and the default centos vnc server. First you need to […]

VPS Hosting Promo Codes

We’ve had quite a few people already ask us if we had any promo codes. I wish we did, but at this time we do not. Since there has been such an interest in promo codes I wonder how you other providers do your vps promo codes ( feel free to comment ). Promotional periods for […]

Paypal IPN Takes A Toll On Budget VPS Providers

All around the globe yesterday Paypal’s platform had an issue giving its customers ‘instant payment notifications’ otherwise known as Paypal’s IPN feature. This feature allows automated systems to know when an invoice has been paid. Without this feature you have to add transactions to the billing system manually.   One significant use for instant payment […]

Are You Looking For Cheap Quad Core VPS Hosting?

Cheap Quad core hosting is what everyone is looking for. Really cheap VPS hosting providers only offer one or CPU cores, but a cheap VPS with instant setup company like BitAccel offers affordable Dallas VPS hosting services.


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