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Securing Your VPS Part 1

The first step in securing your vps with us would be to change your root password to something more secure. I see people all the time using passwords like 'abc123'. Those types of passwords just aren't going to cut it because there are people that scan all ip ranges and initiate a dictionary attack for a vps with an easy password to compromise to use for malicious reasons. I use keepassx to generate strong passwords and store them all locally. Keepassx is definitely recommend for all of your passwords. Now I'll show you step by step on how to change your root password with keepassx and putty. Please note - if you are using linux for your desktop environment on your home computer the putty login part does not apply to you. You can login to your containers terminal in linux by typing the following in a terminal emulator.
ssh [email protected]<youriphere>
1) Login to your vps with putty by putting your ip address in and clicking open near the bottom. putty   2) You will now be presented with a screen similar to this after putting in your password at the prompt. (Password is hidden and shows nothing when you type in the field.) Root Pass Step 1   3) Generate your new password with keepass from the 'Entries -> Add New Entry -> Gen' menu options and copy the password to the clipboard. Be sure to give the entry a name and save it so you don't lose the password. addnewentry passwordgen   4) Now go back to putty(our ssh terminal) and type passwd then hit enter. This will change the password for your root user. You will be prompted twice for the new password. Paste your password from the clipboard at each prompt by right clicking the screen. passwd     Congratulations! You have now set a more secure root password for your vps, in the next part we will show you how to use ssh keys and disable password authentication to make your login even more secure!  


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