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Small Business Cloud Services Infrastructure Guide

Learning about small business cloud infrastructure services is not as hard as it may seem. When it comes to your hosting infrastructure you have options.In the literal sense 'cloud services' is just a synonym for 'vps hosting'. Cloud services on a microscopic level are defined and laid out differently by every provider that offers this similar service, but in a nutshell they all offer nearly the same thing. With small business cloud services you will find the following -

  • Scalability - Obtain resources without your server or sites going down in real time!
  • High Uptime at least 99.9% - We offer industry leading uptime for any of our services.
  • Powerful Hardware - Business grade Intel processors and SSD disks.
  • Root Access - Configure and manage your server however you want.
  • Great end user support - We are here on standby to help with any questions or needs.
  • Choice of Operating Systems - From CentOS to Debian & everything in between.
  • Portability - Move your container to other providers or different nodes in our network.

Are Cloud Services Right For Your Small Business?

Before you even consider taking the leap to purchasing cloud services you need to carefully consider your needs. Cloud services, otherwise known as 'vps hosting', are not for everyone. It is essential that you or your developer know how to configure your own server and all of the software services running on that server. If you have a simple website with minimal traffic cloud services are probably not right for you. Before making the leap you need to first ask yourself; Do I need root access? Do I need scalability? Most simple websites do not need any of the features cloud services offer. If you do not need these features you should instead look into 'cpanel web hosting' where companies manage everything for you and you can do simple things for your website with an intuitive user interface. If you still are not sure feel free to reach out to us via our contact form or live chat on our website https://www.bitaccel.com/ so we can help you.

I Need Cloud Services for my Business

Ok so you have determined that you aren't running a simple website and you need scalability, high uptime, root access, 24/7 support, and powerful hardware to run your advanced web services. You're already on the right track, now you need to figure out what type of resources your company needs to run your applications. Visit our openvz vps hosting page http://bitaccel.com/features.php#openvzVPS to assess your needs. If you select a smaller package and later find out you need more resources have no fear, you can upgrade at any time with instant scalability. Be sure to contact us at any time if you feel you have more questions. You may also compare our prices at BitAccel with the prices of mainstream competitors such as Amazon Web Services, and Google Cloud to find that you could be saving tens of thousands of dollars per year.


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