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VPS Hosting vs Shared Hosting

Why should you consider moving to VPS Hosting?

I have had many friends and coworkers ask me about vps hosting, otherwise known as cloud hosting. They ask mostly because of the buzz online and how fast VPS Hosting is growing, but they are not sure what it is, how it is better or even if it is better than dedicated hosting on a server. So let’s take a step back and look at what VPS Hosting is, if it is better than shared hosting. And who to use for cloud hosting.

So what is VPS Hosting compared with Shared Hosting?

Shared Hosting is usually recommended for a single site that is new or just starting out and not growing too fast. Shared Hosting is where multiple sites share a single server and in turn share the same systems resources that the server has. It can be a good strategy for a small site to share resources. When working with a single site it helps to keep costs low and makes it easy for site owner to maintain with the tools that can be provided. However if a site starts to grow and is taking up too much of the resources provided by the server, the hosting provider can shut out or lock out the site that is drawing too much and it turn will make it so the site owner has to upgrade to Dedicated Hosting or even VPS Hosting. Dedicated Hosting is similar to shared hosting except the site will be given its entire own server, so all the resources of that server are dedicated to just the 1 site. This allows for much more traffic in to the site and complete control over the server. However this comes at price of anywhere from $300-$800 a month with some hosts for a dedicated server, you end up paying for the service and the server. VPS Hosting however is the middle ground to shared hosting and dedicated hosting. It is similar to shared hosting in that multiple sites will be hosted by the same server however there are fewer sites that will be hosted on the server and each site is allotted the resources that it needs and will pay for. So if your site started to demand more resources you just have to upgrade the amount of resources given to your site rather than having to get a full dedicated server just for your site. VPS hosting is still cost effective. You will pay for what you need with vps hosting rather than paying for services you don’t need.

How do you know who to use for Cloud Hosting?

Some of the first things you will want do to when looking for a cloud host is look for someone that is honest and reliable. Look around for the best option for you, and be sure that they have a trusted network. The key is only paying for what you need and not paying for other services that are being provided to other sites. First understand what it is your site requires, storage, ram along with bandwidth will tell you how much resources you need. And the best part is you will be able to find hosting from $5 a month up to $50 a month based on what the site requires.


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