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What to Expect on the 15th – Our Launch Day

We've been pretty busy on the back end here at BitAccel. I wanted to give you guys a preview of what you should expect from our packages on the 15th of this month - the launch day we have set. We will eventually offer more than just vps hosting but it will take a bit longer to plan and launch but it will come very soon. Our offerings will consist of vps hosting, vps reseller packages, cloud hosting, and dedicated servers. Here is a semi-detailed breakdown of our vps packages. Some of these details can change depending on the feedback we get so be sure to leave a comment if you would like to see something different. (Of course everyone wants unlimited everything so irrational requests will likely be chocked up as such.) 1GB RAM / 60GB Raid 10 Disk / $7m 1.5GB RAM / 80GB Raid 10 Disk / $11mo 2GB RAM / 95GB Raid 10 Disk / $14mo 2.5GB RAM / 110GB Raid 10 Disk / $19mo 3GB RAM / 130GB Raid 10 Disk / $23mo 3.5GB RAM / 150GB Raid 10 Disk / $26mo   I think this is a good starting point for our packages. In addition to these details you should know that every package will come with a shared gigabit port. Gigabit ports in this market sector are almost becoming a necessity due to many market factors, one of these being the influx of more cost effective bandwidth solutions and higher bandwidth rates in residential homes. There will also be true 24/7 support so anytime you have an inquiry it can be answered very quickly via live chat or the ticket system. We have pulled some strings to schedule our staff in a manner that overlaps for the full 24 hours every day. The hardware hosting these machines will be a minimum of an e3-1240 V2 @ 3.4GHZ, 4 drives in raid10, and 32gb of RAM. We will be running the latest kernel version of openvz (.32) because of the better memory management for the customers and vswap. We've seen the same applications in the same configuration run with lower memory on the vswap .32 kernel versus the .18 burst kernel even with the fake swap hack. All in all this will be better for everyone. Once again, please let us know what you think of these packages and if you have any suggestions.  We are always open to suggestions and welcome any and all feedback. We will strive to provide the best service possible and look forward to having you as a customer.


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